You can do more than just chat...much more.

Capture the leads

Flexibility is key when it comes to building your contact list and capturing leads. Chirpley enables you to use QR Code signage,
inbound text messages and SMS chatbots to capture lead information.

  • QR code lead capture
  • Message-to-lead bots
  • Ad campaigns or business listings

Nurture the relationship

Building long term relationships with your customers takes time and attention. With Chirpley you can build and schedule messaging campaigns and track your results.

  • Flexible contact groups
  • Mass messaging campaigns
  • Campaign analytics

Start the conversation

Messages come into your inbox where you can respond personally or assign threads to a team member, use bots to capture information or use message templates for more routine communications.

  • 1:1 Messaging and Threaded Inbox
  • SMS, MMS, Message Templates and Chirpley Bots
  • On-the-fly multilingual outbound and inbound message translation

Close more business

The Action framework in Chirpley allows you to take complex actions on message threads, contacts, keywords and customer sentiment. Don't just talk about it...close the deal!

  • Create Leads, Contacts, and Opportunities in CRM
  • Build eCommerce transactions and send payment links
  • Conduct surveys and ask for reviews.