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CHIRPLEY features

People read text messages.

Chirpley is the most flexible AI-driven conversational text marketing platform. It's like treating all of your customers like your best friend, but better!

You can send personalized SMS and WhatsApp messages and let the AI handle the responses. When the conversation is warmed up, you can pass it to a live agent or have the AI close the sale right from the message.

How it works

5 Billion

5 Billion people can send and receive text messages. That number is expected to grow to 6B by 2025.

People show up

Chirpley customers have seen an increase in foot traffic when they run an in-store promotion.

75% Prefer texts

75% of consumers want text message promotions and communications from businesses the frequent.

Closing more business

Chirpley customers have increases in daily revenue up to 20% by running campaigns.

50% Buy more

50% of US consumers make a purchase after receiving a SMS promotion, QR Code or digital coupon.

Build relationships

Personalized communication results in stronger relationships and improved customer loyalty.

Talk to your customers. Not at them.

The last thing your customers want is more marketing automation. You have offers and want to get them into the hands of your customers quickly. Your customers have questions and just want answers. Chirpley drives the conversations, it's not a mindless bot engine.

Retail Promotions

Push promotions to drive additional sales.

Driving sales through promotion relies on getting people to take action. Chirpley allows customers to participate in a promotion immediately.

Refill or Replenishment Campaigns

Target customers that are ready for a refill or a replenishment of their previous purchases.

Upsell and Cross Sell Campaigns

Encourage customers to try new products. Build loyalty with your brands.

Customer Engagement

Engage in a more meaningful way

Get feedback from customers when they are interested in giving it. Solve problems before they become nightmares.

Get Timely and Positive Reviews

Trigger follow ups to prompt customers to give reviews on your product or service. Make it easy by providing customized links.

Engage Customers in Conversations

Get feedback from your customers on your products or services. Solve customer service issues before you have an angry customer on your hands.

Loyalty Programs

Provide special access and discounts to loyal customers

Create a customer loyalty program and push special discounts or provide early access to loyal customers.

In Store Coupon Generation

Chirpley can generate discount codes or scanable QR codes which can be redeemed online or in your store.

Automated and Scheduled Posting

Consistency of message is key to engagement. Schedule your nurture campaigns so that they are going out consistently and at the optimal time.

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